Broken friendship

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Friendship relationship is very beautiful. It’s a relationship where there has no mess, class inequality & gender discrimination. Putting aside the fact that it blends in with bad company. Some are friendship has very well like selfishness. In many cases the intersection of friendship with the time that is taken away. Friendship relationship that has stood for a long time at sight of any bad third party, when it went to break ties. Some friends show their money power then they are broken friendship. You see they are some CHUGOLKHOR. Some friends shown to their money power then they are broken friendship. Some good friendship maintain in student life. With time for job or were involved in the struggle for life itself. Its create distance in friendship but friendship memory as warm as like winter sun. Sometime have close friend goes away from your life. Sometime those friends were not close they turn to your close friend. Only crisis you will see the true face of friends near you. Don’t be upset. Keep away selfish, psycho, drugs addicted friends in your life. Delete their contact & messages. Ignore them. You can watch movie alone or read books. Time passing with your pet. Consider pet as your friend. Don’t be upset unnecessarily. Think, those your friend broken friendship with you what they really upset? No readers. Continue in relationship those people understand meaning of friendship. May be those person is not cool, no money power nor rich but they know value of friendship.

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